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    My name is Lisa and I have been gardening since I was five years old. My knowledge of gardening was handed down by my Native American grand father. The Indians knowledge of using natural resources was all about keeping God's planet producing at it's optimal performance. My husband, Darrel, who has been so supportive and helpful in making Cheyenne's business grow is always at the market to help customers and give advice on their gardening needs. We couldn't have made the business work without him. The business was named after my grand daughter, "Cheyenne", who had her first Garden at the age of 1 and half years old. She is now nine and loves homemade salsa fresh from the garden. She always loves to stop and smell the flowers!!! She loves harvesting and eating fruits and vegetables. Y'all come see us!!

My husband and I

My grandkids, Cameron and Cheyenne